Race Volunteers

Our races wouldn’t happen without a team of marshals and crew.  We always need a team of marshals and crew to help deliver the races, often from before the first participant arrives, until after the last one has finished the race. 

The races are designed to be fun and rewarding for everyone involved, and volunteering instead of participating can be just as good.  We help out at races too and it is really good fun to help others and be involved from a different angle.

We really appreciate the help given towards our races, so we always aim to give each volunteer

  •  FREE food and a drink at the venue/HQ after the race!


  • a FREE race entry for an upcoming event! *

If you would like to help out and be involved please register your interest by sending an email to;


*This can be used at any later race the volunteer wishes to participate in themselves, or a nominated person, to the value of the original entry fee or less.  

Should the entry fee of the race the volunteer has helped at be less than the entry fee of the event the volunteer wishes to enter, the value of the original fee will be put towards the new event and the difference will be made up by the volunteer.  

NB  This is the fairest and simplest way we have come up with to give free places to our helpers!