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Hurtwood 50k Trail Ultra - Race Detail

The Hurtwood 50k starts at 9.30am on Sunday 1st December 2019.

- Venue - Dorking Leisure Centre is the venue and Start / Finish.  It is just off the A24 at the Eastern end of the town centre.  The postcode is RH4 1SG. 

- Parking - There is a large car park to the rear of Dorking Leisure Centre or parking opposite in the Mole Valley District Council car park. Both are free all day on a Sunday.

- Registration is in the large sports hall, here you will receive your race number and event T-Shirt. Toilets, changing and shower facilities are right next to the HQ and you are able to leave a bag in the HQ area but it will be left AT YOUR OWN RISK as we cannot confirm a member of our team will be in the hall at all times.

Race Briefing will take place at the start line at 9.20 am.

Kit List for this race has been planned to keep you safe and comfortable for the December race date, but takes into account the regular support on the course and ease of access to the the route should there be an emergency.  This kit is mandatory and is to be carried by each participant at all times during the race.  

  • Waterproof Jacket (Windproof not sufficient, must be hooded jacket with taped seams)

  • Spare long sleeve baselayer (Waterproofed in plastic freezer bag or equivalent, spare means spare - not part of your general clothing but as an extra warm layer you have with you in case of emergency)

  • Hat (Buff style headwear not acceptable as your only hat, please bring something warmer in case of use in an emergency)

  • Gloves (Fingerless gloves not acceptable)

  • Foil space blanket (even better, one of these!)

  • First Aid Provision - Sterile dressing and bandage as a minimum

  • Charged mobile phone (Waterproofed in plastic freezer bag or equivalent)

  • Hydration system with minimum 500ml capacity

  • Folding Cup for hot and cold drinks in Checkpoints - there will NOT be plastic/paper cups for participants in this race. Bring a cup suitable for hot drinks if you intend on having any at the checkpoints. The thin, lightweight options aren't suitable for hot drinks but may be carried if you intend on having squash / coke / water only whilst in CP's (you may use your bottles in checkpoints instead of bringing a cup, but we will NOT have cups for you at checkpoints!)

  • Basic nutrition (to be supplemented via Checkpoints)

  • Headtorch You will need a headtorch if you expect to be out after dark. If you are expecting to be 6+ hours then bring a headtorch as part of your kit (there is 6.5 hours of daylight, with a total time limit for the race of 10 hours!)  This is NOT a mandatory piece of kit for the whole field, but be sensible and realistic and bring one if you are likely to be out over 6 hours.

  • Waterproof Trousers are highly recommended if the weather is bad and could make the difference between completing or not. Those taking longer to cover the distance should very much think of having them.

  • Spare leg wear is also recommended in case of bad weather / cold conditions.

Support Crews and spectators are allowed to follow you and supply you with food and drink in addition to race checkpoint supplies.  We ask that they do not come to the checkpoint locations but meet you elsewhere.  There are many car parks in the Surrey Hills that are on the route that can be used for this.

- Running poles and Headphones are allowed but please be aware and considerate to other participants and members of the public at all times.  Take headphones out when crossing / following any roads during the route.

Time Limit is 10 hours, at 7.30pm.   This event is purposefully accessible to people wishing to try an Ultra distance running race or for those wishing to walk the whole way. 

- Cut Off There is just one cut off in this race. It is 7.5 hours (5pm) at Checkpoint 4 which is at 24 miles. Anyone not reaching this checkpoint by this time will be transported back to the race venue.

- Total ascent is 4192 ft for the race.  Leith Hill is the highest point in the route and it is a gradual ascent to it from Dorking at the start of the race, steeper on the return.  Generally the hills are a mix of gentle ascent and short, sharp climbs - this applies to the downhills in the race too!

Arrival & Departure  The venue opens at 8 am on Sunday morning and closes at 8.30pm on Sunday. 

- 4 Checkpoints will have tea, coffee, water, squash, coke and a mixture of sweet and savoury snacks such as sandwiches, crisps, cheese, Tom’s Mum’s flapjack (you’ll know it if you’ve had it before…), chocolate, sweets, bananas, nuts etc.  

These are the Checkpoint locations, please make sure any support crews do not meet you at checkpoints but elsewhere along the route. 

- 1 - 7.5 miles - Leith Hill - GR 131 431

- 2 - 13.1 miles - Winterfold Heath - GR 062 427

- 3 - 18.1 miles - Winterfold Heath - GR 062 427

- 4 - 23.9 miles - Leith Hill - GR 131 431

Route Map for the 50k race is HERE  plus downloadable GPX FILE HERE (We recommend having a gps device as backup whilst you are running - many running watches allow you to upload the route onto them, or viewranger is a great free app to enable your smartphone to be used as a gps)

Route Markings are small permanent discs that are generally fixed to posts with an obvious 'GW' (Greensand Way) on them in yellow.  The race route follows 12 miles of the Greensand Way from Dorking, then leaves the GW for the 5 mile loop before rejoining it and following it back to Dorking for the same 12 miles as earlier in the race. We will also use plentiful Hurtwood 50k specific signage throughout the route.  These will be small arrow signs with the FR from our logo on them, stapled to posts to guide you.  These will have reflective tape on them so they are visible once it is dark.