The 2019 Summer Sessions 

These now classic races in Cornwall enjoy the time of year when the days are long. These are the type of races that Cornwall was made for;  evening trail races over the summer months, 10k runs accessible to all, taking place on quieter coastpath and hills, with big views in the evening sun and hard, fast trails!  

These races are as hard or easy as you make them and have got many people into running and doing these as their first ever race. 

The Summer Sessions have become known for their idyllic locations, great routes and chilled out, supportive atmosphere - come and join in!

There are great prizes on offer for the top 3 girls and boys at each race, from two of the best running partners to have; At Your Pace and Move Cornwall Physiotherapy!

The Summer Sessions collection of evening trail races take running to where it is at its natural best - on the cliffs, beaches and hills of Cornwall.

Make the most of summer - join us for the Summer Sessions!