The Kernow Vertical Kilometre will be back in 2018, here is the video from the 2017 race!

‘Running down from the beacon is one of those amazing bits of trailsteep but not too steep, technical enough to make

you think but fast, so very fast’  

                                                                                                                                  Read Andy B’s 2016 Kernow VK Race report   

Kernow’s Vertical Kilometre - #kernowvk

  • The 'KVK' is unique; a Vertical Kilometre-based race in the South West!
  • Two laps of a specifically designed course to reach the magic number of 1000m of ascent.
  • 15 mile total distance of inland hills and coastal running... big climbs, and big downhills!
  • Suunto watches as prizes! (for male and female winners of the KVK Solo)
  • NEW for 2017!  The KVK Team - split the race in half as a team of two!

What  -   1000m of total ascent* over approximately 15 miles of predominantly trail running, this is a Cornish twist to the Vertical Kilometre challenge that is popular in mountainous areas!  Not finding any mountains big enough in Kernow for 1000m of ascent in one hit, this race is two figure-of-eight loops that take in some of the biggest climbs in the county... But unlike the usual VK races that are uphill only, this includes 1000m of descent as well, to really test your legs!  Expect some fast single track coastal running between hills too....   Kernow VK route map

KVK Team - Enter the KVK Team race with a friend and split the full 15 mile route with 1000m ascent and descent - in half! One of you starts, does one full lap of the figure of eight route then swaps with your Team member for them to do the other figure of eight loop.  So you both do 7.5 miles with 500m ascent and descent, starting and finishing each loop at the race base in Trevaunance Cove.  The KVK Team is exactly the same as the full 15 mile race and takes place at the same time.  Splitting the route into two enables those runners who prefer not to do the full race distance and height gain to be part of this unique event.


* The route has been recce’d, researched, changed and measured to hit the 1000m ascent goal but not exceed it too much so the race total is as close to it as possible - though with a slight buffer to ensure it has a minimum ascent gain of 1000m.  GPS watches will vary in elevation totals - the Ordnance Survey was our definitive source.